An independent visual creative agency

Based in Africa

The visual language has been one societies have been obsessed with since the first cave drawing. At Seven Thirty Films we work toward redefining the world through images cinematically.

Founded by Kenyan sisters Wafa Tajdin (the business) and Amirah Tajdin (the creative) SEVEN THIRTY Films, is more than just a production house. Drawing from their diverse background, the Tajdin sisters set up the company in 2011 to tell African stories from an African perspective inspired bya globally nomadic experience, for both regional and international audiences.

We celebrate and are committed to the ethos of independent filmmaking.

Our focus is on projects we have created and developed ourselves from short films to documentaries and now feature films.

In addition to this we offer tailor made visual packages from photography concepts to scripting commercials for both local and international clients.
In ensuring the aesthetic we strive for, we are involved in every single aspect of the production i.e. from concept development to script writing and into the production, post-production and distribution phases of our projects.

We bring our resilience and passion into all our projects. Driven by a deep and genuine love we have for the craft of image making.