Fluorescent Sin (2012)

At Nairobi’s iconic central station, a lithe, majestic drag queen sits on a bench, smoking a cigarette and descending into a
breakdown through a poetic soliloquy. In 8 minutes, filmmaker Amirah Tajdin challenges our ideas of beauty, sexuality, and
Kenyan attitudes to ‘otherness’ in a film that suggests being caught between two places might in fact be no bad thing.

OUT film festival, Nairobi, 2012
Kenya Intl Film Festival, Nairobi, 2012
Out in Africa, Cape Town, 2012
FilmAfrica, London, 2012 (Jury Special Mention)
Africa In Motion, Edinburgh, 2012
CineSud, France, 2013
Malmö Queer Film Festival, Malmo, 2013
CinemAfrica, Stockholm, 2013
African Film Festival, Galway, 2013
Kugoma Short Films Forum, Maputo, 2013
Zanzibar Intl Film Festival, Stone Town, 2013 (Special Mention Award)
Images Festival, Copenhagen, 2013
Chicago Intl Film Festival, Chicago, 2013
Bold Tendencies, London, 2013